5 Tips to Nip a Cold from Chinese Medicine

TCM- tissues, glasses and mug

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses acupressure, herbs, dietary suggestions, and lifestyle advice to help heal the symptoms of a common cold. 


TCM interprets the common cold as an invasion of Cold within the environment of the body. This is diagnosed when you have an aversion to cold, your nose is dripping clear fluid, eyes watering, and of course your nose is producing lots of clear or white mucus! 



Try these 5 TCM tips to get back to balance sooner

  1. Acupressure LI 20 “Welcome Fragrance” – On the face, on either side of the nostrils, where the smile lines meet the nose. Press firmly rotating the fingers in a counter-clockwise direction to open the nasal passages and clear the Cold out.

  2. Acupressure LI 4 “Joining Valley” – On the top of the hand, in the depression between the first finger and the thumb. Press with a consistent and firm pressure to relieve head congestion and bring clarity to the sensory orifices.

  3. Herbs – Gan Jiang, also known as ginger, is an excellent addition to your diet when fighting a cold. In TCM ginger is a warming herb, that when taken internally will warm up the body to expel the Cold out. Add ginger to your chicken noodle soup, or have a cup of tea to experience the warming effects of this ancient herb.

  4. Dietary – Warm, hot foods are your friend! Soups, hot cereal, and teas are all essential for helping your body recover. Avoid cold foods while you’re moving the Cold out! A hot tea with a dash, (just a dash!), of alcohol will help heat the interior of the body, warming the Cold and expelling it out.

  5. Lifestyle – Cover Up! Put your Toms to the side and get those toes covered in your warmest pair of socks. Keep yourself covered in layers, put a hat on your head, and a scarf around your neck. Remember, we want to warm you up so the Cold no longer lingers in the environment of the body!


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