11 Must-Haves When Your Baby Starts Walking

Baby with childproof gate

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Every parent looks forward to the day their baby takes their first steps. You cheer your baby on, hold their hand, encourage them to take a step and record constantly hoping to get footage of the milestone. Once a baby finally takes their first step, you celebrate, cry, laugh, tell everyone you know (even some strangers) and even post it on social media. But then, the initial excitement wears off and you think to yourself “Crap, I’m not prepared for this.” 

Here’s a round-up of our recommendations for items you’ll likely need to get to be prepared once your baby takes their first steps: 



Babies are already curious and now that they are mobile, they will try to touch, twist, turn and pull almost everything including doors, drawers, and cabinets. They may even try to climb up or down the stairs! 


1. Door Lever Locks  – your baby probably isn’t opening doors with knobs just yet, but if you have lever doors and a tall baby, chances are you may have a problem. These locks are easy to install and even easier to use. 

2. Magnetic Cabinet & Drawer Locks – These locks work very well and are easy to install. They can be switched on or off for when your baby is not near the cabinets. 

3. Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Baby Gate – There’s tons of baby gates out there, but this one is a bit more flexible for when you have an opening that is not completely flat on the walls.

4. Secure Press Plug Protectors – these come in all shapes and sizes but this particular one is pretty impossible for a baby to pull off if you have a very determined baby! 



Naturally, your baby will still want to play. They’ll probably become even more playful now that they can walk (maybe even run) around. Now that your space is baby proofed, It’s important to make sure you have some kind of open space for your baby to play freely (with limits) and some safe toys. These items will also help them practice walking and balance so that they 


5. My First Mickey Police Car Push Toy – this little car has a handle and is light and easy to push but also study and won’t move too fast for your newly walking baby

6. Sit and Stand Push Train Walker – This train is also nice and study but educational as well. It helps with lots of motor skills while teaching the alphabet. 

7. Toddleroo Baby Play Pen – For a great price, this playpen is very cute and spacious. It’s also easily foldable for travel and works indoor and outdoor.

8. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table – This table is very sturdy and educational. It teaches the alphabet in English AND Spanish! 


Babies typically become more squirmy and antsy than usual once they start walking because now they know how it feels to be on the move. They may not like their old infant car seat or even their stroller. 

9. Maxi-Cosi Pria 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat – If you only have an infant car seat, you may want to get a convertible one now. It’ll last all the way through school age! And it’s much more comfortable for them as they aren’t laying back like in the infant stage (rear facing is recommended until 2 years old!) 

10. Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon – a stroller is definitely a necessity, but for walks around the neighborhood or trips to the park a wagon is great for a baby who doesn’t like the stroller very much. They can see much more, they have more room to wiggle around and can sit up straight in this. 

11. Stride Rite 360 Baby Walking Shoes – babies can sometimes develop a habit of walking on their tippy toes which is not great for balance. These shoes help them walk properly! 

The early years go by so fast, so remember to enjoy the little moments and take it all in. 

Happy Parenting!


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