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The holidays are quickly approaching and if there is a new mom in your life you may need a few gift ideas. We’ve got you covered with a few options that are not only thoughtful but are sure to make her smile. 

Cozy Pajamas:

You may not be able to give her the gift of sleep but those late night feedings and early mornings are made better with a comfy pair of pajamas. These are perfectly soft and easily accessible if she’s nursing her little one.

Mom Sweater:

Another classic new mom gift is some sort of shirt that announces to the world: “I’m a mom!”. What better way to do so than with a sweater to keep her warm in the winter months? These come in all kinds of sayings and colors.

Yeti Coffee Mug

It’s said you don’t know the true meaning of being a mom until you’ve microwaved your coffee a half dozen times before drinking it. That or you just end up having iced coffee that was originally hot. This coffee mug will actually keep her coffee warm until she can get to it and it comes in a ton of fun colors.

Digital Camera:

While many phones have the ability to take wonderful pictures of her little babe, sometimes having an actual camera is the way to go. She can snap a bunch of pictures and then either have them printed or upload them and share them digitally. (Don’t forget an SD card that will suit her needs as well)

Baby Photo Album:

A place to put all of those photos is this sweet baby photo album. There is space not only for photos but for her to write little memories and things she wants to remember. With baby growing so quick this will help document all the little moments that are precious to her.

Name or Birthstone Jewelry:

A fun way to symbolize her sweet baby is a personalized jewelry piece. There are many options if you go this route but some of our favorites are items with baby’s name or birthstone. This necklace covers both and is customizable from the chain to the birthstone. 


All of these are great options but anything having to do with her new role is sure to make her holiday bright. Just like the season it’s the thought that counts.


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